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C1-inhibitor influence on platelet activation by thrombin receptors agonists

September 2022


Protease activated receptors 1 (PAR1) and 4 (PAR4) agonists are used to study platelet activation. Data on platelet activation are extrapolated across experimental settings. C1-inhibitor (C1INH) is a protease inhibitor present in plasma but not in isolated platelet suspensions. Here we show that C1INH affects platelet activation through PAR1 and PAR4 agonists.


Platelets were isolated from healthy donor whole blood and then labeled with anti-CD62P and PAC1 antibodies. The platelet suspensions were exposed to PAR1 agonists SFLLRN, TFLLR and TFLLRN; PAR4 agonists AYPGKF and GYPGQV; ADP and thrombin. Flow-cytometric measurements were performed in 5, 10 and 15 min after activation."

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