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Specific Functions of Melanocortin 3 Receptor (MC3R)

October 2022 "Melanocortin 3 receptor (MC3R) is a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) that is defined as a regulator of appetite/hunger balance mechanisms mostly up to date. In addition to its function about weight gain and appetite control mechanisms of MC3R, recent studies showed that MC3R controls growth, puberty, and circadian rhythms as well. Despite the drastic effects of the MC3R deficiency in humans and other mammals, its cellular mechanisms are still under investigation. In this review paper, we aimed to point out the importance of the MC3R regulations in three main concepts: 1) its impact on weight and appetite control, 2) the control of growth, puberty, and circadian rhythm, and, 3) its protein-protein interactions and cellular mechanisms."

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