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Dr. GPCR Newsletter October 2022

Hello Readers,

This past month was busy, to say the least. You can read the full version of the newsletter here. Starting January 2023, you’ll need to sign up for a free site membership to access the contents of the newsletter. Let's dive into the news. 

Dr. GPCR Summit 2022: We’ve had a blast at the Summit this year. We’d like to thank our speakers and poster presenters as well as everyone who attended the Summit. 


A special thanks to our Ecosystem Partners, Domain Therapeutics, GPCR Therapeutics, Design Pharmaceuticals, and Montana Molecular for supporting Dr. GPCR Ecosystem.

Summit 2022 Survey:  We’d also love to hear your thoughts about the Summit and kindly ask you to fill out the Survey and enter the raffle to win 1 of 3 Dr. GPCR Ecosystem premium memberships and get full access for FREE for one year. Winners will be picked randomly and you'll be notified by email on January 1st, 2023.

Dr. GPCR Podcast: Our next guests on the podcast are Dr. Oliver Hartley, Dr. Stephane Angers, Dr. Sri Kosuri, and Dr. Brian Schoichet. As a premium Dr. GPCR Ecosystem member you can already watch the video recordings of these episodes and don't have to wait for the recordings to be made available on various podcast platforms.


Dr. GPCR Ecosystem: If you'd like to explore what the Ecosystem has to offer we recommend you sign-up for free site membership and use the footer to navigate and get acquainted with your virtual playground.  


1. Interesting papers published in September 2022

1.1. Receptor activation and signaling in GPCRs 

1.2 Structural and molecular insights into GPCR function 

1.3 GPCRs in Oncology

1.4 GPCRs in Inflammation and Immunology 

1.5 GPCRs in Neuroscience

1.6 Methods in GPCR Research

1.7 This Month's Reviews

1.8 GPCRs drug action and discovery

1.9 Adhesion GPCRs

2. Industry News

3. Call for papers

4. Meetings